Cash Cam

Safe House

The Edge Safe House has been found!

For the past nine days, Guy and Mel have been hiding at 69 Discovery Drive in Whitby, Porirua. 

Congrats to Kirsty who found the #edgesafehouse and has scored $5,000 thanks to Save My Bacon. 

Check out what all the clues meant here and listen to Dom, Meg & Randell 8am tomorrow morning to see who had the closest pin to the house.

Safe House Highlights

Guy and Mel get back at JBS after savage prank goes wrong

The #EdgeSafeHouse kidnappers have taught Guy and Mel well... Revenge is best served on-air 😈


DMR have a surprise for Guy and Mel to get them through the weekend

Dom, Meg & Randell organised a little treaty for the team and let's just say... it worked a treat holey hecka!


Mel from MAFS AU pisses herself after getting the fright of her life

Clean up on aisle #EdgeSafeHouse...


Mystic Mel reads your fortune through the magic of tarot

She may have not found love at first sight, but Mel Lucarelli has sure found her inner spirituality...


Guy schools Mel from MAFS AU on NZ trivia

No one knows NZ trivia like Guy The Geography Guy, and Mel's here to prove that...


A secret room has been revealed inside the Celebrity Safe House

The kidnappers were clearly feeling extra generous after revealing a SECOND room inside the Celebrity Safe House!


Guy and Mel recap their travel day to the Celebrity Safe House

Want to know what went down on the travel day? The guys re-cap everything here!


Lily reacts to old footage of her on The Bachelor NZ

Don't you just love a throwback?


Haylee thinks she's figured out which city the Safe House is in


After 3 days locked away, Haylee has turned into a human carnival game

Haylee has now moved to live with the circus.