Meet our finalists for The Edge Birthday Tossers. They're a hell of a good time - vote for your fave now!

Voting will be open for 24 hours only. (8:30am Thursday the 7th of February until 8am on Friday the 8th of February).

Age: 20
Location: From Whanganui but lives in Auckland
Occupation: Dental assistant
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I can fit my whole fist in my mouth. 

Age: 20
Location: West Auckland
Occupation: Student studying marketing and communications. Part time Paintball referee. 
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I love camping with mates but also love a cheeky bender. Oh and I also once modeled for Auckland Zoo and my picture was up there for 13 years!

Age: 20 
Location: Taupo
Occupation: Plumbing and gas fitting apprentice 
Tell us something interesting about yourself: I cannot wait to sink a yardie... Wait, is that something interesting? 

Age: 20
Location: Auckland
Occupation: Hair dresser but studying to be a nurse
Tell us something about yourself: I tend to do things on a whim, who knows, maybe I'll get The Edge tattooed on my butt one day.