Coin Toss Results

Coin Toss 1:

Live performance by Peking Duk or Chang Karaoke? Heads! How many people can say they're having Peking Duk at their 21st? Hannah can!

Coin Toss 2:

21st speech made by Hannah's Mum or somebody from her past? Tails! Looks like Hannah's past may come back to haunt her...

Coin Toss 3:

Beautiful cake or cake of soap? Heads! Hannah and her guests will get to enjoy and delish cake from Just Jess Cake Co. 

Coin Toss 4:

Body paint or a hand made dress by Meg? You voted and Hannah will wear be wearing a dress made by Meg on the night.

Coin Toss 5:

Get a massage or wear arm casts to your 21st? Heads! Hannah luckily is getting treated to a massage.

Coin Toss 6:

Get your hair by Beauty by Bex or Dom does your make up? Heads! Hannah's getting her hair done by the professionals! 

Coin Toss 7:

You choose the photos used on the screens at the 21st or Dom chooses for you...oh, and he'll put them on billboards today! Heads, Luckily for Hannah, she gets to choose which photos are going up!

Coin Toss 8:

Mitch James sings Happy birthday to you or strippers dance for you in front of you whole family! Hannah got tails so, strippers it is!