Marty & Steph break down their journey to The Edge Safe House

Safe House 15/10/2018

While it's fresh in their minds, Marty & Steph have given all the details they can remember about their blind-folded trip to The Edge Safe House. 

The guys have posted in the Facebook group and talked about it all day on the live stream saying:

'Caught a flight from Auckland to Dunedin around midday, once we landed we were then put into a small plane and flew for 45 minutes to an hour and a half. It felt like we landed on grass but then when we stepped out of the plane we were on tarmac we then drove for another 3.30 - 4 hours before getting to the house.'

Steph's also decided to write a 'recap rap' talking about the journey and day one in the house. 

Watch the full vid above.