V Sugarfree Challenge

Just when you thought The Edge Safe House Revenge couldn’t be any more action packed if we tried, V Sugarfree come to the party!

Every day at randomly selected times Marty & Steph will be handed the V Sugarfree Challenge. Make sure you call 0800 The Edge when you hear it because if they pull it off, you decide whether you take away $100 cash and some V Sugarfree Tropical, or release a new clue.

Ooooo sh*t just got real!

Plus if you haven't managed to get through on the phone lines, not to worry, we've got a second chance draw below for you to win a slab of V Sugarfree Tropical - yum!

Try V’s new flavour, V Sugarfree Tropical.

A great tasting and refreshing energy drink, without the sugar. Whether you’re on the go, at work or studying at uni make some time to hit refresh with V Sugarfree Tropical.