Wedding Plan

It's official!! Steph & Brody, as voted by you, are winning an a FREE wedding and an epic honeymoon in Bora Bora but there's a tiny catch... the entire wedding will be decided on the flip of a coin.

Will they be walking down the aisle in a stunning wedding dress or will they be dressed in something decided by YOU?

The wedding is THIS WEEK! You can watch it live this Thursday RIGHT HERE! Eeek!

Wedding rings VS. Matching nose rings

On Friday, we did the first coin toss. Heads, they got the wedding rings from Goldsmiths Gallery Jewellers Hamilton and tails, they got matching nose rings.

Lucky for them, it landed on heads!

Groomsmen VS. Caller 1 & 2

Monday blues may be kicking in but boy we started the week off with a bang! Heads, Brody's has the luxury of choosing his own Groomsmen. Tails, the first and second person to ring through on 0800 THEEDGE steals the spot and scores a fresh get up thanks to Rembrandt.

Only one of the two tosses landed on heads, meaning one of his brothers landed a spot on the bridal party, the other was replaced by the rando on the other end of the phone line!

First dance with Husband VS. Steven from Dunedin

Ahh... the first dance, something the bride dreams about since a wee bub. Unfortnately for Steph, this ain't no normal wedding.

Heads, Steph gets to share this special moment with her husband. Tails, Steph has the 'honour' of sharing it with The Edge's No. #1 fan and long time loyal listener Steven from Dunedin.

Arrive in a horse and cart VS. Zorb

There's been some back and forth behind closed doors here at Edge HQ on whether or not the coin is weighted towards heads. After doing some v official testing, turns out the coin was more likely to land on tails when tossed from a height...

So we got Chang tossing a coin on how Steph & Brody will arrive at the wedding from the 'giant swing' down at Rocket Ropes. Heads, a romantic horse and cart thanks to Matakana Carriages and tails, a Zorb filled with water from Zorb Rotorua.

Looks like Steph & Brody's luck may be running out... Zorb it is!

Walk down the aisle covered in confetti VS. spaghetti

We've been having some good luck getting Chang to flip the coin - so we got him to flip it again to find out if Steph & Brody will be walking down the aisle covered in confetti or spaghetti.

Cans at the ready, we're serving up Spag bowl!

Wedding Dress VS. Grim Reaper Costume

What will Steph walk down the aisle in? A beautiful wedding dress or will she be stuck in a Grim Reaper Costume?

We flipped the coin live on The Project and it came up tails which means.... she'll be stuck in the Grim Reaper costume.

Grooming VS. Trump Tan

Does Brodie get a sweet groom before the wedding so he's looking sharp or does he get an OTT 'groom' with a hardcore Trump fake tan?

Luckily for Brodie, he got the nice groom!!

Dry Wedding VS. Alcohol

Are the wedding guests allowed to get lit at the wedding or will it be a dry wedding? 

After the coin's a dry wedding!

Dream song to walk down the aisle to VS. "I'm in Love With a Stripper"

There's a song that Steph really wants to walk down the aisle to - she even got super teary thinking about it! The coin toss saw it land on heads which meant Steph got her dream wedding song!

Personal vows VS. Vows written by Dom

Steph and Brody did individual coin tosses for each of their vows! Both tosses landed on heads! Steph and Brody will get to say their own vows.