WATCH: All of TV3 news' biggest 'cluster fks' have been put together in one HUGE blooper reel
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What's Good

WATCH: All of TV3 news' biggest 'cluster fks' have been put together in one HUGE blooper reel

Not David Seymour talking about how the French "love the coq"!!!!!

Everyone loves a news blooper, and over the last 34 years, the news on TV3 has given us plenty of hilarious moments to crack up at.

With the closure of Newshub this week, YouTuber Dan News TV has shared some of the best and goofiest blunders live on the telly. 

From “come box” to a whole lotta “cluster f**ks", here are 5 of our favourite bloopers from the mega compilation. 

Paul Henry loves a bit of shite!

Paul Henry has had a fair few f-ups on live telly and while we all likely remember his major “Dikshit” slip-up, what about horse shit?

 “The horse shat on the floor at the bar, it skidded on its own shite and the woman riding it fell into the shite,” he burst into a fit of laughter.

AND we all know how great Paul is at composing himself… NOT!

David Seymour knows what the French LOVE!

Back in 2015,  David Seymour made a bit of a cock up - literally - when discussing the flag debate. 

"You don't actually have to have every national logo on the flag," Seymour said.

"The French, for instance, love the coq."

Immediately realising his mistake, he attempted a take-back, adding: “Let’s just start that again”.

Unfortunately for Seymour, this will forever be a part of his digital footprint. 

Mike McRoberts and John Campbell hiding their bromance

During The Big Night Telethon in 2009, Mike Made it very clear he was drawing a line in the sand. 

“No matter how much [John Campbell] pays me that [pash] isn’t going to happen,” Mike said. 

“He wants me, McRoberts wants me,” John stared down the barrel of the camera adamant their bromance was strong.

“The sexual tension is appalling.”

Paul Henry's “Cluster F**k”

Of course, we can’t just have one Paul Henry blooper, remember the time he said: “you can imagine there will be a cluster fuck of… oh shoot!”

Poor Hilz Baz had to step in and apologise on his behalf after that slip of the potty mouth.

Kanoa Lloyd accidentally says “come box”

Last year we heard the dirty talk in an incredible news blooper from The Project’s Kanoa Lloyd

Reporting on the return of fan-favourite flavours to Rose's chocolate boxes, Kanoa tried to say “comeback” but failed epically. 

“Ditched back in 2018, strawberry cream, orange cream and peppermint cream are making a come box,” she said, immediately laughing (and repeating it). 

Oh, how we will miss these candid moments to make us giggle.

We wish everyone finishing up at TV3 this week all the best! Thank you for keeping us Kiwis informed and entertained over the years.