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This woman got stuck behind a couch at a bottomless brunch & that'll be me this weekend

Bottomless brunches will get ya 😆


This fact about 'Rugrats' Tommy will leave you heartbroken

Discovering the very real parenthood problems addressed in Rugrats has hit home for many.


Jayden, Dan and Sarah turn movie titles dirty



In case you didn't know what Uber is, Nickson is here to explain

In case you're living under a rock, Nickson's got you.


Activist Shaneel Lal on the threats to their life following the Conversion Therapy Ban

Following the milestone passing of the conversion therapy ban last night, instead of celebrating, one of the key organizers is having to leave town.


Eminem, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige perform in the 'greatest halftime show'

This one goes down in history.


Steph stuns the team as she shares her out the gate 'wahoo'


Nickson breaks the unspoken Wordle rule and says the days' word live on air

Yesterday, Nickson broke the unspoken Wordle rule and lucky it's the long weekend because Steph's going to need a few days to cool down after that.


Pete Davidson performs Christmas parody of Eminem's song 'Stan'

The real Slim Shady himself makes a cameo appearance in the video too.


Jawsh 685 performs Savage Love alongside his school mates at the Aotearoa Music Awards

What a special moment for the Breakthrough Artist of The Year winner.


Watch Paige's incredible performance of 'Waves' live at the Aotearoa Music Awards

Just when we thought we couldn't love Paige even more.


Spare a thought for this unlucky kiwi who dropped his whole Maccas combo today

Thought you were having a bad day? think again.


Trailer for Jordan Peele's new horror 'Candyman' is here and scary AF

Just what we wanted, another movie from Jordan Peele to keep us up at night...


Here's your first look at RuPaul's very own Netflix series

RuPaul is sashaying back into the world of scripted TV in the first teaser for his upcoming Netflix series AJ and the Queen!


Netflix just announced that 'You' Season 2 will drop next month with new teaser trailer

Penn Badgley, the actor behind the campy stalker of your dreams, also tweeted out a teaser video for the new season!


Jeffree Star releases unseen footage from the Shane Dawson YouTube series

Jeffree breaks down all the craziness, deleted scenes, and in true Jeffree style, gives us a flawless glam using the new Conspiracy palette!


Video of woman spraying her breast milk around at festival goes viral

That's enough internet for today.


All Black's Sonny Bill Williams posts adorable video returning to his kids

All Black's center, Sonny Bill Williams, has posted the cutest video returning to his children after being apart for 8-weeks while in Japan!


The first trailer for Margot Robbie's 'Suicide Squad' spin-off just dropped

The new trailer for the upcoming Suicide Squad spin-off movie, Birds of Prey, has been released!


Here's your first look at Big Mouth Season 3

The Fab Five from Netflix’s Queer Eye are bringing their skills to the animated hit 'Big Mouth'.


The final trailer for the creepy new Joker movie has been released

This looks so good!


Legend old man leads police on mobility scooter low speed chase in Timaru

Someone come and get grandad!

Air New Zealand release their new safety video including Suits star

What do you think?

The Zombieland 2 trailer is here and it looks epic

We've only been waiting TEN YEARS

The new trailer for "Cats" makes it look creepy af and we're confused

We aren't too sure what to make of this

There's a new "IT" trailer and a little bit of wee came out when we watched it

Well that's scary as eff

Aussie shoplifter caught trying to steal hot spaghetti down his pants

Someone loves pasta just a little too much...


Taylor Swift's new music video features RuPaul's Drag Race queens + heaps more celebs!


The Frozen 2 trailer is here and it's beautiful

Can't wait till November!

Drag Race's Miz Cracker gave Antoni from Queer Eye a drag makeover & omg he's beautiful

Isn't he gorgeous!?

The new Lion King trailer finally lets us hear Beyonce as Nala!

We actually cannot wait for this one

Hilary Barry responds to viewer "Barbara's" feedback about her cleavage

This woman is everything

Taste test: How good are the new CC's corn chips?

We put the classic chips to the test to find out how good they really are!


Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber release fun music video for "I Don't Care"

They look so happy!


Watch the new “Black Mirror” season 5 trailer starring Miley Cyrus

New Black Mirror is coming!

The trailer for "IT: Chapter 2" has dropped and omg it made us piss our pants

This looks so scary!!

The Handmaid's Tale season 3 trailer has been released!

We are so looking forward to June kicking ass!

The latest Spark ad has everyone collapsing in tears

A lot people cannot deal with this

Here's what happens in Game of Thrones after the Battle of Winterfell according to the trailer


The trailer for next week's ep Of Game Of Thrones has already dropped

Omg omg omg

David Seymour tries teaching Randell how to twerk

Before going on Dancing With The Stars, Randell's getting all the dancing tips.


Watch the trailer for Chris Lilley's new TV series coming to Netflix

This looks as great as ever!

The new Lion King trailer gives us our first glimpse at TIMON AND PUMBAA!

We actually cannot wait

This gymnast broke both her legs and dislocated both knees after landing wrong

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.


Randell takes us behind the scenes of Dancing With The Stars NZ

Check out that throw back photo of Randell from when he was on NZ Idol!


The first trailer for JOKER is here and Joaquin Phoenix is CREEPY AF

This is so scary!!

William Waiirua & Nadia Lim set to join this season of Dancing with the Stars NZ

Social media superstar William Waiirua & celebrity chef Nadia Lim are set to join this years Dancing with the Stars New Zealand.


Alae's amazing cover of Jonas Brother's 'Sucker'

How good is this!?


We ask punters serious questions at Jim Beam Homegrown 2019

Everyone = WTF


Stan Walker gives a tearful tribute to victims of the Christchurch attack

What a beautiful moment.