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The trailer for next week's ep Of Game Of Thrones has already dropped

Omg omg omg

David Seymour tries teaching Randell how to twerk

Before going on Dancing With The Stars, Randell's getting all the dancing tips.


Watch the trailer for Chris Lilley's new TV series coming to Netflix

This looks as great as ever!

The new Lion King trailer gives us our first glimpse at TIMON AND PUMBAA!

We actually cannot wait

This gymnast broke both her legs and dislocated both knees after landing wrong

WARNING: This video contains graphic content.


Randell takes us behind the scenes of Dancing With The Stars NZ

Check out that throw back photo of Randell from when he was on NZ Idol!


The first trailer for JOKER is here and Joaquin Phoenix is CREEPY AF

This is so scary!!

William Waiirua & Nadia Lim set to join this season of Dancing with the Stars NZ

Social media superstar William Waiirua & celebrity chef Nadia Lim are set to join this years Dancing with the Stars New Zealand.


Alae's amazing cover of Jonas Brother's 'Sucker'

How good is this!?


We ask punters serious questions at Jim Beam Homegrown 2019

Everyone = WTF


Stan Walker gives a tearful tribute to victims of the Christchurch attack

What a beautiful moment.


The Stranger Things season 3 trailer is here and there's a new monster

It's coming in July!

OMG the first full-length trailer for Toy Story 4 is here

This is amazing omg

That "barking guy" is back 9 years later and he's still a legend

Honestly, Ray, you're excellent

Lord of The Rings fans: the Tolkien trailer is here

We were missing this universe!

A new Toy Story 4 trailer dropped during the Super Bowl

New Toy Story 😍

The first trailer for ‘Black Mirror’ film is here and it’s crazy as hell

The first trailer for the first Black Mirror movie, "Bandersnatch" has just been released!


Macaulay Culkin recreated "Home Alone" scenes and omfg it's perfect

This is simply perfect.

You can watch Pixar's new short film "Bao" online in case you want Xmas feels

We always love a Pixar short!

Legend dumps cheating boyfriend during 21st speech


Patrick Gower shares hilarious story of how he got accidentally stoned

Omg classic Paddy

OMG the new 'The Lion King' trailer just dropped

We cannot wait for this!!!

Toy Story 4 introduces two new characters in new trailer

We're fizzing for new Toy Story!!!!

The Toy Story 4 teaser trailer is here & introduces a random new character!?

Omg we cannot wait


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 13

This show was too short


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 12

Those vow renewals though


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 11

So many couples are gone!


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 10

Monopoly will tear your family apart


Our parody song about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's trip to NZ

Lorde's song 'Royals' has never sounded better.


Riverdale's KJ Apa teaches Kiwi slang in video for Vanity Fair

This guy is such a Kiwi babe!!

5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 9

That was one juicy episode!


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 8

Please let Yuki's dog love Dan!


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 7

Too much salt bae.


Pink responds to most ruthless 'mean tweet' in latest "Mean Tweets Music Edition" vid

Omfg so mean!!

5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 6

That dinner party though


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 5

Ksenia has no chill


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 4

They do actually look like handsome Shrek & Fiona


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 2

Mom's spaghetti.


5 Thoughts from MAFS | Ep 1

Who TF feeds ducks like that?


New Fantastic Beasts trailer confirms Harry Potter theory that people have been obsessing over

This looks so, so good!


Check out Marshmello's awesome reaction to Christchurch dancer taking on his track


Jacinda Ardern talks motherhood on America's Today Show

Jacinda Ardern appeared on nation-wide TV in the US

Omg the new Mary Poppins trailer with Emily Blunt makes us feel nostalgic af

This is magical! All the feels

Eminem drops Machine Gun Kelly diss track "Killshot"

Em takes aim and unloads on MGK 😱


What else $1,899 could get you instead of the new iPhone XS

Would you rather a Contiki around Europe or the new iPhone?


This is the new 'Nun' ad that is so scary Youtube had to remove it

This movie is going to be next level scary.


The new Slenderman movie trailer is f**king us up

Well this looks scary as hell.

NZ police get cute false alarm call from 5-year-old who wants to invite them to his bday

This is adorable!

Want to be on 'Gogglebox NZ'? here's how to apply

The award winning show is going to be narrated by our very own Sharyn!


Kiwi David Farrier has a new doco series coming to Netflix about 'Dark Tourism'

Get ready to binge watch your new doco series