Taste test: How good are the new CC's corn chips?

trending 24/05/2019

CC's are back and we've put them to the test to find out how good they really are!

Before they were taken off shelves, CC's had been a staple snack in lunch boxes around the country since the 80s and their extinction was met with fiery backlash.

But now Bluebird Foods Ltd are bringing back the Kiwi fav in two flavours, Tasty Cheese and Flamegrilled BBQ.

While the chips aren't in stores till the 27th, we were able to have a preview taste test to see how they compare to the original.

When the CC's arrived in The Edge office, everyone went into meltdown. It was like a post-apocalyptic movie where chairs were thrown and people were seen climbing over desks just to get their hands on the sweet, sweet chips.

"It's true! only CC's really DO taste like theese" Gary from Accounts said as he was taken back by the taste of his old lunch time packet of chips.

Overall, the office gave the re-incarnation of the classic chips a 8/10.

Guy from The Edge Workday on the other hand was harder to impress...

While he appreciated the taste of the corn chip, Guy's love for the forgotten Aztec corn chips were hard to beat.

Watch the full vid above to see what Guy thought of the chips.