Everyone is hating on Kim Kardashian for posting these vids

Vids 04/04/2017

People are getting seriously pissed about these vids that Kim Kardashian has been uploading on Insta...

Kim has been posting teaser vid, after teaser on her Instagram and she SWEARS that the hype behind them is totally worth it.

But is it really tho, Kim? 

Her first teaser vid wrote "SAVE THE DATE" in red neon lights, which she then followed up with "NEW DROP" in the second video.

Fans were going crazy with anticipation about what was about to drop... and boy were they dissapointed.

There was no music debut, no makeup launch, no fashion label... none of that. 

Kim Kardashian was prepping us all for her brand new line of emojis *face palm* (don't we have enough of these already Kimmy?)