Science reveals how much sex we should be having per week

scandal 02/02/2017

Turns out we shouldn't be having that much sex after all...

If you're in a relationship and constantly find yourself worrying if you're having enough sex (or maybe too much), then stop stressing because a new study has revealed how much sex we SHOULD be having.

The new study from Sexual Frequency Predicts Greater Well-Being, But More Is Not Always Better claims that we gain all the health benefits from sex by only doing it ONCE a week.

So stop worrying about needing to do it more than once - you gain nothing more in terms of health benefits from doing it anymore than once week).

The study basically says:

"Yep, sex is great for you - but, if you're having sex multiple times a week, it doesn't necessarily mean you're healthier than those knockin' boots once a week."

A lot of couples may be getting down a little more regularly than this but at least we know the facts now, right?