Ever wondered what the most dangerous sex position is?

trending 25/01/2017

The most dangerous sex position has been revealed, and it's not what you'd suspect it would be... AT ALL.

Sex is a pretty dangerous game - and according to The Daily Star, the most dangerous injury is fracturing/breaking your d*ck.

They also researched into the most dangerous sex positions that would most likely result in breaking your penis in comparison to other sex positions. 


This is the #1 most dangerous sex position, and it's also one of the most common ones!

According to research girl on top is responsible for 50% of all penis fractures because it is being "worked harder" in the position, putting it at a greater risk of danger.


Ummm, can't say we've tried this one... but it sounds like that might be a good thing bcos it's pretty dangerous. 

Basically, it's when the guy holds the girl whilst standing up. Her legs are wrapped around his waist... 

The dangerous aspect of this is that it can put great strain on your back and you also risk dropping your partner!


This is America's most-loved AND most-hated sex position, and it is also one of the world's most common positions... but it is apparently responsible for 29% of all penis fractures.

This high percentage is most likely due to the popularity of the position.


This both sounds and looks uncomfortable.

This position is where the girl is on top, and she leans back... but the dangerous part is that because it's so unnatural for the penis to stretch back that far... it can cause risk in fracture.

The worst part is that it can even lead to PERMANENT "curvature" when you get an errection.

Stay safe out there, kids. Stay safe.