We're throwing it way back to 2014 to celebrate Lorde's 20th

Vids 07/11/2016

In the *post the most embarrassing pic of your friend on their b-day* tradition, we thought we'd take it back to when Lorde was just a wee bubba.

Lorde. The kiwi superstar that literally needs no introduction. *So soz Ella, you're not getting one.*

Today is a pretty big day. Today, New Zealand's 'Lorde' and saviour Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor (Yep, that's actually her full name) celebrates her 20th birthday!


It literally feels like yesterday lil wee baby Ella was in studio, just before breaking the world let alone breaking the Internet.

We thought we'd take a trip down memory lane when 2014 Lorde was last in studio, about to embark on her first NZ tour... (It was big news at the time guys, trust us).

It's crazy to see how even waaaaaaay back in 2014 Lorde still had more composure, and maturity than some of the other celebs we have in studio these days... *No tea no shade*

Once again, HB gal from your Edge fam xx