Kayne saves a fan from falling off a balcony at a concert

Vids 04/11/2016

Kanye West may be portrayed as a bit of a tool bag in the media (sometimes he's just asking for it tbh) but if you ask anyone who has worked with him or met him personally, they will tell you otherwise.

And if you still don't believe us, *it took us a while too so bare with* here's some pretty legit proof that Kanye is more than just a absolute monster and asshole.

When walking through the concert venue, some fans were seen waiting behind some metal railings (we're assuming to get a sneaky selfie with the boss dog of rap). 

One of the fans leaned over a lil too far to try and touch Kanye... Kanye ran over immediately to try and save the kid. 

No matter what the media say, Kanye West definitely cares about his fans. End of.