WATCH: Rihanna and Drake just made it OFFICIAL and KISS on stage!


During Drake's concert last night, Rihanna appeared onstage and totally went in for a full on make out sesh with the "One Dance" performer.

As Rihanna finished her performance of "B**ch Better Have My Money," Drake swooped in for a kiss on the lips, cuddling into her neck. CAUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTEEEE!!

And that's not it, Rihanna has taken her relationship with Drake to the next level in a very permanent way...

Last night Rihanna got a tattoo of a camouflage shark inked on her ankle (cool huh), well it's not only cool... but the camo shark is supposed to be a cute reference to one of Rihanna's dates with Drake, who took her to an aquarium and bought her a stuffed animal shark... WE CANNOT DEAL UHHHHHHHHHHH!