This Kiwi family just found the most DISGUSTING thing in their baked beans!


A Kiwi family says they are disgusted after finding what they say is a dead creature in their Watties baked beans.

In a video shared to Facebook, they describe how they made the find.

"As my husband was opening a can of watties baked beans for our child, he accidentally opened the can from the bottom and found some kind of rodent, bird, something with ribs and organs!!" says Korrin Laker.

"We wouldn't usually share something like this, but for health and safety reasons we wanted to let everyone know. We were going to serve this to our child! we were just lucky to have opened the can from the bottom as we would have given our child half the can!"


Watties is assuring the public they are taking immediate action.

"We take any consumer compliant seriously," says a Watties spokesperson. "We'll undertake an investigation."

Watties is planning on picking up the can from the Laker family for testing as soon as possible.

"It's important at this stage we don't jump to any conclusions," the spokesperson says.

Ms Laker says regardless, she is disappointed by the find.

"I know our family won't be eating watties baked beans again sadly! such a discussing experience!!"

Source: Newshub