Apple's new iOS update has the CREEPIEST way of storing your photos


As of today, the new iOS 10 update for Apple will be available to download.

The official release date for the new iPhone 7 was released last week (see video above), and now the iOS update has been released!

The new update brings a whooooooooooole range of new features, including being able to select individual contacts who you wouldn't mind sharing read receipts with, and another feature lets you draw on photos (like Snapchat) before sending them to friends.

But the "creepy" part of this new update is that the "Photos" app will now use facial recognition to organise your photos into albums that you are in.  

This means that your iPhone can now automatically detect certain faces in photos, and arrange them into their appropriate albums accordingly.  

According to Apple, the new iOS update achieves this by going through 11 billion computations recognises faces, places and certain objects.