WATCH: The victim who Chris Brown put a gun to has SPOKEN OUT!


The alleged victim, Baylee Curran, that Chris Brown put a gun to has spoken exclusively to TMZ about what happened, and why she called police. 

Chris Brown allegedly put a gun to a woman's head after she touched a piece of jewellery.  

Police and LAPD's are currently outside Chris Brown's house, waiting for him to surrender. 

UPDATE 8.07am: Chris Brown's attorney has just entered the house, he is expected to surrender soon.

All the occupants of Chris' house have started filing out of the house and lining up outside the front door with cops checking them for weapons.

Police are currently holding a news conference at base of Chris' driveway. 

Authorities raced to his home with a search warrant earlier this morning, after a woman called 911 claiming that he pulled a gun on her.

According to TMZ, they retrieved at least one gun, other weapons and drugs from his home after Chris threw a duffel bag out of his window.

Watch the live stream from outside his house here:

Chris is refusing to leave the house or talk to police, but has been seen shouting from his window and has posted a series of Instagram videos from inside the house (see these in the gallery above).

In one of the videos he says, "f*ck the police."

The alleged victim who Chris Brown pulled the gun on, has now spoken out about what happened. Watch the interview below:

She has also posted the below Instagram video:

I didn't want this !!!!

A video posted by Baylee Curran (@bayleecurran) on Aug 30, 2016 at 12:54pm PDT

[Photos: Getty/Instagram]