Snapchat's latest update is literally going to ruin EVERYTHING!


Seriously? Serioooooooooooously? 

Guess the old saying is true... All good things come to an end. 

We usually post about all the EXCITING app updates when it comes to Snapchat (ie Snapchat Memories as seen in the video above), but sadly we're not too excited about this next update...

Snapchat's next app update is set to introduce a search app called "Vurb" which basically lets you online shop while watching your friends' stories.

Why is the bad, you ask? Well let us tell you... Snapchat is the ONLY social media platform that doesn't SPAM us with adverts and companies trying to make us buy things.

And now all of that is going to change...

Facebook and Instagram are also looking to integrate the $110 million dollar app into their platforms, which will allow users to tailor their searches and "tag" certain brands, places and events into their snaps.

[Photo: Pixabay]