Science says people who sleep-in suffer SERIOUS side effects!


If you love a good sleep in (who doesn't?) then you should probably read this...

After working a long week of nine to fives, we are all ready to have a sleep in by the time the weekend rolls around.

But are those few extra hours really worth it? 

According to a new study from NASA, the list of side effects from sleeping in are never-ending!

You can start to develop bedsores from the amount of pressure placed on the skin as you lie down. Blood can't reach your cells and hence they become damaged, and eventually die.

You also lose your strength.

"Muscles at complete rest lose 10-15% of their strength per week..."

Soooooo, if you're feeling weaker than usual, it might be because you're getting TOO MUCH sleep!

In severe circumstances, your muscles start to atrophy and lose their mass (as do your bones).

"For every two days of immobilisation your resting heart rate increases by one beat per minute, eventually plateauing... Your blood volume decreases as well... which means you'll get tired much more easily."

The studies also go on to list effects like, increased risk of diseases, kidney stones, anxiety and pneumonia... and even more. 

[Photo: Pixabay]