Naz just made some SERIOUS allegations against Jordan Mauger!


Former Bachelorette, Naz Khanjani opened up about her new romance to Woman's Day but her comments about The Bachelor star, Jordan Mauger were very surprising. 

Naz claims that she REJECTED Jordan's advances after he split with Fleur but that's not what we remember when she chatted to us in studio after the final of The Bachelor NZ season two.

We recall Naz telling us that if Jordan was still interested she was too. 

"I'm telling you guys now if he does call me I will definitely go back." She said.

In the latest Woman's Day Naz claims that Jordan called her three or four times a day after he broke up with Fleur and even begged her to come to Fiji for his dad's wedding in June.

Naz also said that Jordan got mad at her when she tried to end contact with him.

"He actually raised his voice at me and I really didn't like that." She said. "I don't think a man should raise his voice to a woman - that's so disrespectful."

"He kept telling me he wanted to be part of my journey... He'd ask me to send him selfies. I wasn't into it."

Woman's Day.