Snapchat just made a MAJOR change that everyone is going to HATE!


Snapchat has just announced that they will be placing ADS in-between friends' stories as a way to monetise views.

Considering that Snapchat gets around 10 billion video views per day, it was only a matter of time before they came up with a way to profit from it! 

Companies including Warner Brothers, Hollister, P&G and Verizon are already on board with the change! 

Snapchat released the below OFFICIAL statement:

"Stories today are the fastest, most personal way for Snapchatters to catch up with their friends. Starting soon, we'll begin rolling out Snap Ads between Stories. As always, we're being incredibly thoughtful about the experience — we'll run only top-notch creative, and we'll be careful about how many ads Snapchatters see. From time to time, we'll provide a skippable Snap Ad when a Snapchatter watches a string of Stories. These Snaps Ads only appear between Stories — they don't interrupt a Story you're currently watching."

Guys. Life as we know is pretty much over.