CONFIRMED: Fleur and Jordan have OFFICIALLY broken up!


Days after Jordan picked Fleur as the one - he's called quits on the relationship!

The Bachelor New Zealand's Jordan broke up with season 2 winner Fleur in a hotel room in Auckland this afternoon, Fleur revealed to Story tonight.

In the conversation, he said he was "deciding to leave things there", and was leaving Auckland to return to Christchurch that day.

In Fleur's exclusive interview to TV3's Story, she says she feels the stories revealed by Naz today were unrelated, but was still really shocked and upset by his decision and his unwillingness to give the relationship a chance.

She also shared her disappointed in Naz's behaviour, calling her disrespectful to her relationship with Jordan, after being vocal about being available for him should he break up with Fleur.

Stay tuned for the full video.

[Photo: TV3]