Beyonce’s sister Solange attacks Jay Z in an elevator at the Met Gala — Watch


The video which has been obtained by TMZ, shows Beyonce, Jay Z, Solange and a bodyguard getting into an elevator and almost immediately Solange attacks her Jay Z in the face. There's no sound, but Solange’s is clearly angry with Jay Z.

Jay Z seems to try and calm Solange down but after a few seconds of yelling she starts attacking him. The bodyguard restrains her, but she continues to go after Jay Z.

The two continue to yell back and forth, while Beyonce attempts to control the situation, but Solange continues to hit Jay Z a few more times with leg-kicks. It also looks as if she may have also tried to spit on Jay Z. Jay Z lets most of the blows land without retaliating.

You can also see the bodyguard in the video hit the emergency button on the elevator...possibly an attempt to keep the fight private and not have it spill out into the Hotel's lobby or hallway.

It's now rumoured that Beyonce has decided that the marriage is pretty much over and a divorce is to follow.