Rumour Has It That ‘Mirroring Is A Great Way To Tell Someone Is Into You

health 18/10/2021

Mirroring (also known as "the chameleon effect") was described by psychologists in a 1999 study as "nonconscious mimicry of the postures, mannerisms, facial expressions, and other interactions of one's partners." 

It has been identified as a strategy that successful people can use to demonstrate their engagement during job interviews or at work, because research has shown that intentional mirroring can positively influence the way someone is viewed. Other studies have shown that mirroring can also go too far, and verge on being creepy in the eyes of the person being mirrored.

But you're not here looking for work. You've come here because you want to know how to tell if an attractive stranger is giving signs that they are into you. The solution is simple: make a movement and notice who mimics you.

We suggest doing something as basic as crossing or uncrossing your legs, scratching your head, folding your arms, or even looking at something in the distance to see who follows your glance.

Once you have figured out who you’ve caught the attention of, what happens next is up to you (and the other person involved of course). One thing we must say is that not everyone will be looking with the intent of a flirt and not everyone appreciates being hit on in public, but if you’re getting the signs and all is looking positive then why not shoot your shot?

Now go forth and get your mirroring on!

Who knows what love is waiting and watching from afar?

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