Why do we love boobs and fear them all at once?


Boobs are great. They're mesmerizing. They're useful. Society had been obsessed with them for blimmin ages. In saying that, we also have a complicated relationship with breasts.

Social media is terrified of a nip (unless it's on a dude - weird) and going topless in public is reserved for certain urban legend beaches. We somehow love boobs and fear them all at once. 

To be fair, boobs can also try to kill you. Mine certainly did. When I was 36, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, I've been on a rollicking ride of cancer treatment. Chemo, surgery, radiation, more chemo, more surgery.... it's been a real hoot. I'm grateful though, as all that science means I'm here today to enjoy life, and talk about boobs a whole bunch!

Friends and strangers alike now talk to me about breasts much more than I ever imagined possible.

This is where my new podcast comes in. Breast Assured sets out to start open, honest and at times hilarious conversations about our boobs. I've learnt a lot about breasts during my treatment, but I'm no expert. That's why we call in a range of experts and breast owners to talk about all kinds of things.

Morgan Penn from The Trainee Sexologist joins us in the first ep to share some of her own wisdom along with an insight into her own boobies. Tom Sainsbury also sits down with me to unravel my own mammary memories.

Dr Eletha Taylor - an amazing surgeon who actually performed my mastectomy - joins us to speak candidly on just how incredible our breasts really are (science blows my mind!). Nina tells us about her experience having a breast reduction, including having to ask her flatmate to take topless photos of her.

That's just in the first two eps!

So have a listen, get intimate with your own boobs (or hey, someone else's... consensually of course) and share it around. Hopefully we can get the conversation about our boobs flowing with friends a bit more - bosom buddies if you will! The bottom line - know your normal when it comes to your breasts, it could just save your life.

Big thanks to The Spinoff and Breast Cancer Foundation NZ for making Breast Assured happen.