Zac Franich’s Insta hints at a possible Bachelor NZ winner

The Bachelor NZ 24/04/2017

Did Zac Franich just reveal which Bachelorette WINS season three of The Bachelor New Zealand?

If this isn't a dead giveaway, the we don't know what is.


Don't keep reading if you don't like spoilers, because this could be the biggest spoiler we post for the entire season of The Bachelor New Zealand (and we're not even joking). 

Since filming wrapped up for the THREE reality show, Zac has gone out  and followed his beautiful Bachelorettes on Instagram... well he followed all of them except for ONE. 

Out of all the "frontrunners" left in the series, only one girl was left out.

According to Stuff, Zac currently follows Steph, Sarah, Ally, Claudia, Lucia, Katey, Lily, Molly, Taylar, Rosie and Sophie...

But not Viarni.

Why doesn't he follow her? What does this even mean??