Naz says the best way to get over someone is to 'get laid'

The Bachelor NZ 19/04/2017

Naz has some advice for the Bachelorettes theat have already been eliminated from the show...

As the third season of The Bachelor NZ continues, more and more ladies are sent packing as their search for love comes to an unsuccessful end.

One of the show's most well-known evictees is last year's Nazanin 'Naz' Khanjani, who became runner-up when Jordan Mauger chose Fleur Verhoeven over her.

Naz went on to become a successful bodybuilder and recently announced the new love of her life, fellow bodybuilder Daniel Mazzola.

But how did she initially get over being rejected by the Bachelor?

Here are Naz's top five tips.

1) Get laid

"You have to get laid, I mean... it's the best feeling in the world," says Naz.

"Trust me, it will help."

2) Alcohol

"I love alcohol and it'll help you take your mind off stuff," says Naz.

"But it might only help for one night - you might wake up feeling sorry for yourself, so then you'll need number three."

3) Take a holiday

"Go treat yourself - go to Hawaii, go to Fiji, go to Paris," says Naz.

"Actually, no, Paris is the city of love. Stay away from Paris!"

4) Work out

"One of my favourite things to do is go to the gym," says Naz.

"It'll make you feel stronger, it'll make you feel independent and powerful."

5) Get laid again

"Find another man - that's the best way to get over The Bachelor," says Naz.

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Source: Newshub.