Claudia from The Bachelor NZ spotted out with another man

The Bachelor NZ 20/04/2017

What does this meaaaaaaaan?

Claudia from The Bachelor New Zealand has been spotted out with another man that is NOT Zac Franich, and we are so confused.

An Edge listener sent us the below screenshot of a photo she was tagged in on Instagram. 

In the pic, she is being kissed on the cheek by this "mystery man" who claims to be "happy she's home" back in Canterbury. 

Does this mean she got voted off the show? Has the show finished filming now? Is this her new boyfriend or is it just a friend? 

UPDATE: Claudia has released a statement on the Instagram photo of herself with the "mystery man" that you can see above.

"Thanks for your interest but Josh and I are just friends - and have been so for 11 years. I am currently on a production break and we caught up at the 21st of a close mutual friend. There is no romantic connection between Josh and I - sorry for any confusion caused!"

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Watch the moment where Zac and Claudia share their first kiss on The Bachelor New Zealand below!