Can you help Jordan find her forever home?

Sponsored 11/11/2021

Calling all pupper, doggo and woofer lovers!

MyHooman is all about matching each shelter dog with the most fitting owner, so they’re still casting the net nation-wide to help Jordan find her ideal forever home. 

Her current foster family has put in a lot of time to train her and teach her some doggy manners, but she needs consistency in her life to live up to her good girl potential.

They can only look after her until Christmas before she’s moved to another foster home, so the countdown is on to find her an amazing hooman she can start her new life with.

This gorgeous pooch has already spent months bouncing around different fosters and shelters, so she really deserves to meet her special hooman for life! 

According to her profile on, “she’s a really good girl who understands basic commands like sit, shake, stay, come and drop”. They say “she listens super well - especially if you have treats.” Hmmm, sounds like Jordan is pretty motivated by food! Us too, Jordan, us too.

Being a bundle of energy, she needs a hooman who also leads an active lifestyle. Apparently she can play fetch for hours, so whoever adopts her will also need to be full of beans!

She’d be best suited to an owner who has lots and lots of time to hang out with her. Know any socialites looking for a furry bestie?

If you want to find out more about Jordan, know someone who’d be a great match for her or see which other shelter dogs you're best matched to, check out

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