5 tips to make sure you're getting the perfect 'gram


We all love our Instagram accounts looking top notch but would ya believe that those accounts you follow don't just ~happen~ to have perf photos!? There are actually a few secrets to getting your pics looking amazing and we're letting you in on them!

1. Use the filters that come with your phone already

We often look to third party apps for some help with our pics but sometimes the tools are there right in front of you already. As seen below on Huawei's new Nova 3i don't forget to use the edit features from within your gallery. These will give your pics the extra flair you're after! 

Editing via the gallery on the Huawei Nova 3i

2. Download the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom app

So, it's FREE (yes, we know this is a massive factor) which is ideal and it's just what ya need - a sweet version of Photoshop right in your hot little hand! You can edit to your heart's content right there in your phone with no more mucking around.

3. Instead of using Instagram filters, use the "Edit" function

Filters on Instagram are an easy go-to, but can often look obvious and a little intense. Instead of using the filters, swipe to the Edit function and play around with things Brightness, Contrast, Warmth and Saturation. You can easily change how full-on these adjustments are. Sometimes, the subtler, the better!

Using the 'edit' feature on Instagram on the Huawei Nova 3i

4. Download the VSCO app

Another free app, yay! And it's another one that makes your pics look stunning. It's really easy to use - no, you don't have to be a tech whizz at all to master it. It has similar functions to "Edit" in Instagram but will give you even more options if you've used up all your ideas within Instagram. The changes you can make are also subtle so your photo doesn't look so ~edited~

5. Light and frame your photo well

Sometimes it's not all just in the editing. If you take a good shot, it'll require little help to get it popping. Look at where the natural light is coming from and utilise it. Make sure it's not behind you if don't you want to be seen! Have a look at the focus of your photo and make sure the right parts are in focus.

Sometimes if you're lacking light in some situations, grab your mates!! They have torches on their phones and it can be underestimated what a difference these extra lights will make!

This article was created by The Edge for Huawei Mobile to showcase its new four camera Nova 3i.