Megan talks to Newshub about her image being illegally used in weightloss infomercial

Megan 18/07/2017

Our girl Megan got a horrible shock yesterday when she found herself as the face of an American company for a weightloss product - without her permission or endorsement.

Pics of Meg were taken from a video she posted on her hilarious YouTube channel and she fears there is little she can do about it.

The ad starts off with a video Megan posted on social media about loving the skin you're in - but the product it is selling is all about losing the fat you hate - a product she definitely does NOT endorse.

Megan told Newshub in an interview:

I would hate for women to feel bad about themselves that they have to buy this product and feel self-conscious.

"And it's my face that's made them spend their money on a product I don't think they need - I'm mad." 

She said she's experienced image theft before, when her friend's pictures turned up as ads on dating sites. 

"It's not just people in the public eye; it's literally anyone," she says. "Luckily I have a following that alerted me to my video." 

Megan is exploring her legal options for having the ad taken down - but online watchdog Netsafe say compensation would mean having to engage a lawyer in the US. 

"Clearly if it was another New Zealand business that was using your content you'd have some local legal options but if it's an international it might be an expensive thing to pursue," says Martin Cocker, Netsafe CEO. 

Megan and others have posted comments on the Facebook video, asking for the video to be taken down - to which her comments have been deleted.

UPDATE: The video has been taken down from Facebook! Thanks to everyone who stood behind and supported Megan to get this thing removed. You guys rock!