Listeners share the moment they realised they definitely weren't straight

The Edge Breakfast 10/03/2022

After Eli from Edge Breakfast shared the story of when he started to realise he was gay, a bunch of listeners let us know their "uh-huh, I may not be straight" moments too!

Most people go through a sexual awakening at some point in their lives, and for queer people, sometimes it can be super confusing.

Eli was eleven when he started to wonder if he wasn't straight, after playing The Sims and creating male sims, making them kiss, and not having an interest in the female sims.

You can watch the video of him telling the story above, and check out listeners moments they realised they weren't straight below:

1. "I am bisexual. For me, it was Michelle Rodriguez from 'Fast and the Furious.'

2. The first time I kissed a boy, I realised I liked the act of kissing. Then I kissed a girl during a dare, and I really liked the act of kissing with girls.

3. Kelly Torres from Grey's Anatomy.

4. I think the moment I knew I was bisexual was when I'd be drunk in high school and kiss friends for 'fun' but then I started enjoying it too much... Sorry friends.. 

5. I'm bisexual (female) and I remember playing "truth or dare" with my best friend and we were daring eachother to kiss among other things. I think we were both too shy to just come out to eachother but it's what we both wanted lol & used the game to break the ice. It went on for years until we parted and went to different schools. We still keep in touch though :)

6. The music video for 'Oops I did it again' did things to me. 

7. I had the poster for Baywatch, said it was for the girls but it was really for the boys.

8. I remember realising I was into girls after watching The Powerpuff Girls. Do you remember the mayor's assistant? Dammnn and now I'm a lesbian. 

9. When Joe Jonas came out of the water shirtless in Camp Rock.

10. Danny Phantom.. God Damn that cartoon ghost boy turned me on.