Listeners are sharing their 'icks' and some of these are very, very, true

Vids 03/02/2022

We've all got things that are the biggest turnoffs, a.k.a your 'icks'.

It blew up on TikTok last year and this week, Edge Breakfast asked listeners for their biggest 'icks' and some of these are very, specific:

1. 'On a date there weren't enough chairs at the table so he pretended to BE a chair'

2. 'I watched him put gel in his hair. Broke up the next day'

3. 'When they run up the stairs on all fours...'

4. 'When they chase a ping pong ball in beer pong'

5. 'Them waiting for the lifeguard to tell them they can go down the waterslide'

6. 'When he calls his dad daddy'

7. 'When they put their arms up in time with the drop but MISS THE DROP'

8. 'Missing the bus and running after it'

9. 'When he ties his shoes with MASSIVE bows'

10. 'When he sits cross legged'