Nickson Clark is joining The Edge Breakfast in 2022

The Edge Breakfast 12/01/2022

We're excited to announce that Nickson Clark will be joining The Edge Breakfast team this year.

Nickson has been working in radio for a while now, so we'd like to say he's pretty good at it. We can't wait to see what he'll bring to our breakfast show and Nickson can't wait to join us:

Back in 2007 I used to work for The Edge behind the scenes, so in some respect I feel like I'm coming home. I'm so excited to be working with a bunch of talented people on such a cool station. I can't wait to party with everyone every weekday morning.

Meg couldn't be more happy to welcome Nickson onto the team:

I'm so happy Nickson is joining the breakfast team. He's funny, talented and we have known each other for years, although he only recently let me have his cellphone number because I think he thought I would be annoying.

Steph is also really excited to start working with Nickson in the AM:

I know how much he’s excited to join The Edge for 2022 cause he’s texted me pretty much every damn day during the holidays telling me! Haha. Bring on the laughs, the fun and the best way to start your mornings. Welcome to the fam Nickson!

Nickson will be joining Steph when The Edge Breakfast returns on January 17.

Welcome to The Edge whānau Nickson.

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