Exciting news! Chris Parker is joining The Edge Breakfast for the rest of 2021

Vids 20/10/2021

Hey so we got some exciting news!

As you may have seen or heard, kiwi comedian Chris Parker has been special guesting on The Edge Breakfast for the last wee while. 

And because he's been so damn good and slotted in *cue our Ace Ventura voice* like a glooove, he's gonna stick around for the rest of the year!

If you've been hearing his voice but not sure who he is, just check out The Edge Breakfast's Instagram and have a laugh. You can also find Chris on TikTok, and spoiler alert - he good at it. 

Chris will join Randell and Steph, who is covering Meg while she is on maternity leave, from 6-10am weekday mornings.

Please make him feel welcome and don’t embarrass us in front of our new friend ok? x

Also - while Steph is covering Meg on breakfast, the lovely Sarah Gandy is covering Edge Workdays - make sure you text her on 3343 and say hi!