Ed Sheeran: “I miss New Zealand… The tour’s planned”

The Edge Breakfast 29/10/2021

Finally, some good news.

Speaking with Randell, Steph and Chris on The Edge Breakfast this morning, global megastar and all-round lovely chap Ed Sheeran shared that he’s planning on heading back to New Zealand.

“I really miss New Zealand… What's the deal with like entering now? Is it the same with Australia?” He asked. “Well, the tour's planned - so it should be coming there in 2023. But that does seem like quite a long time away, doesn't it?”

He also reminisced about performing in Dunedin when he was last in New Zealand, sharing that it’s in the top three shows of the entire tour.

“I loved Dunedin - it was probably top three of my favourite experiences on that tour because I just felt so wanted. It wasn't just like Ed Sheeran's in town and he's playing a show - it was this big moment for me and them and it just felt great.”

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