Steph announces she's leaving The Edge

The Edge 30 17/09/2018

After 5 years on The Edge, Steph has announced she'll be leaving at the end of this year.

Tonight on The Edge 30, Steph broke the news saying:

"At the end of November I'll be leaving The Edge

I've been here for 5 years and it's kind of now or never,"

Steph's heading overseas for a year of travelling with her boyfriend but wanted to also thank everyone for listening over the past years:

"Working at The Edge has been the dream job. It's a true family here and it's going to be weird not working with my family everyday.

Thank you so much for listening to me over the last 5 years here on The Edge 30, even if it was for the 5 years or just 5 minutes."

From all of us here at The Edge, you've been such a big part of The Edge family since you started as a Road Runner 9 years ago. It's been so amazing watching how far you've come over since way back then.

We'll miss ya'heaps but luckily we've still got you around for a few more months! xx