Introducing the new Edge 30 night show!

The Edge 30 11/03/2017

The Edge is excited to announce their new night show: Guy and Steph with Stuntman Sam!

From Monday 20th March, Guy Mansell will join Stephanie Monks along with Sam Robertson in the 7pm-10pm weekday timeslot.

Photo credit: The Edge 2017

“Hannah Montana said nobody's perfect and I'm living proof of that. Luckily I'll be working with two legends, Steph and Sam. Can't wait to get into it!"

Guy Mansell has been a part of NZ radio for the past five years. As well as the being a new member of The Edge 30, he runs a YouTube channel with Megan. He spends most of his spare time working on the channel, being in denial about how much time he plays Xbox and talking about his cat Plum, to anyone who will listen, which is becoming a shorter and shorter list daily.

Photo credit: The Edge 2017

“I'm really looking forward to hanging out with Guy and Sam every night. We're going to make an incredible team together."

Steph Monks has been at The Edge for three and a half years. It's her absolute dream job. From crying and sweating in front of Justin Bieber (seriously, so much sweat he stopped the interview and asked if she was ok!) to getting slapped in the face with a fish and bungy jumping dressed as Katy Perry, Steph is stoked to be continuing her journey with The Edge as part of the new night show line up!

Photo credit: The Edge 2017

“I may not have a lot of radio experience, or any radio experience, but I've also never been a stuntman.”

In the words of Drake, Stuntman Sam Robertson; Started from the bottom. Sam was born in Greymouth but quickly moved to Invercargill where he spent a majority of his childhood avoiding bogans and being the only Maori in his class. In the Deep South he learnt to give into peer pressure easily (hence his new nickname) and roll his R's which some people either find charming or mistake for a speech impediment.

Sam started working for The Edge as an intern at the end of 2015, participating in many activities such as tearing down old unused radio studios, painting TV sets, getting presenters glasses of water, and many more. Sam is enthusiastic about everything and even when it's inappropriate he will always have a smile on his face. He can't wait to start his new role.

Guy, Steph and Stuntman Sam will also be hosting The Edge TV’s new afternoon show “Daily Feed” starting 4pm, Monday 27th March.