Lizzo shares her top 10 tips for feeling good as hell with Jayden and Sarah

Sharyn and Jayden 02/05/2022

We got the absolute pleasure of chatting with Grammy Award-winning artist Lizzo! 

While she updated us on her new shapewear line, TV show, and her upcoming fourth studio album in our full interview, she mentioned how she's struggled to stay positive amongst the hard times in the world. 

When talking about her new single 'About Damn Time', she explained that she wrote the song to help her feel better, saying "I've been so stressed out and anxious about the way of the world".

Before she left us, Sarah asked her to give us her advice on how she manages to feel good and she shared with us her top 10 tips on how to stay feeling 'Good as hell'. (see what we did there)

Here are the top tips that Lizzo recommends to help you feel good. (Plus a little self-promo for her shapewear, TV show, and new single because why not)
  1. Get yourself some Yitty Shapewear 
  2. Watch 'Watch Out For The Big Girls
  3. Listen to 'About Damn Time'
  4. Take a walk in the sun 
  5. Drink some water 
  6. Have some space 
  7. Turning off your phone 
  8. Getting off the Internet 
  9. Grounding yourself - put your feet in some grass 
  10. Have a drink with some friends/Call somebody

To hear our full chat with Lizzo, click here.