Here's how Coronavirus will affect your KiwiSaver and what you need to know

Sharyn and Jayden 13/03/2020

This week, you may have seen your KiwiSaver go down because of growing Coronavirus concerns.

Is it something you need to worry about? Sharyn and Jayden caught up with Rowan from Juno to fill you in on how the virus is affecting your balance.

"Imagine that some of your money is invested in Apple. so obviously is Apple's sales are going up, you get a bit more money" Rowan said.

"What's happening though is because Apple has things made in China, factories are shut down or they can't get parts, that stops Apple from being able to make phones. Fear also gets in the market, so it creates this cycle and thats why things start going down."

Rowan said the main thing to remember is to not freak out. While you might see your KiwiSaver balance drop, you'll eventually see if come back up in time when the market stabilises.

If you're considering changing the fund you're currently in, Rowan went on to say it's best to stay put where you for the same reason that eventually you'll see your balance return to where it was. 

Check out Juno's full list of advice around KiwiSaver here and watch the full video above.