Jono's Chewing Gum Roulette game ends in the grossest way possible

Jono Ben & Sharyn 12/08/2019

Jono wanted to help Ben get over his fear of germs and thought the game of Chewing Gum Roulette would do it for Ben. Basically, the three of them would have to chew a piece of gum then hand it over to Producer Dan who will rearrange their gums so they won't know which one was theirs.

The grossest part of the game: picking a gum after Producer Dan's rearranged them  then putting it in your mouth to chew. Ben didn't want to participate so Jono got worried they wouldn't have a good kicker to end the break with. Then Jono decided to make things more interesting by eating all of the chewing gum because no one was keen to play anymore.