Ben severely punished for having blonde hair

Jono Ben & Sharyn 15/08/2019

This roast fest would not have started if Ben had not asked Sharyn's opinion tbh...

Ben's mum apparently saw him this weekend and said he looked 'tired'. Today, he asked Shaz and Jono if they reckon he looks tired and Shaz said:

I don't think you look tired. Maybe it's because you've got brown hair again which by the way is great. I thought the blonde was really better but now I'm seeing you brunette again I'm like...don't do the blonde again. 

Wooaahh. Bit of a low-key harsh roast that one. Shaz continued and said:

It's like if I died my hair black again you'd be like..."ew".

To which Ben just said: "Oh gotcha." 😂