Two guys spot Shaz and Bryce 'making a sandwich' on the balcony one night

Jono Ben & Sharyn 26/07/2019

Shaz and Bryce always bring a deck of cards when they travel and usually, by the end of any card game, they both get a wee bit frisky and risky.

One night, after having played a game of Snap, they started getting flirty with each other then one thing lead to another and they both ended up 'making a sandwich' outside in the balcony where they both thought no one would see them.

Boy were they both wrong. Shaz realised there were two people looking at them making a sandwich:

I hear this kind of moving around  so then I looked up and there were two workers standing there and were like 'are they having a sandwich up there??'

Meanwhile, baby Tyson was inside the room being all clueless and cute.