Shaz thought of divorcing Bryce for not using Google Calendar the way she wanted him to

Jono Ben & Sharyn 03/07/2019

When Shaz and Bryce were preggo with baby Tyson, she wanted the both of them to have a joint Google calendar so they both know when the other person is busy and they could organise their work and doctor's appointments. 

So when Bryce did not chuck a work-related photoshoot in their joint calendar, Shaz lost it because the photoshoot was scheduled on the same day as their doctor's appointment. Bryce told Shaz he cannot move the photoshoot and she would have to go to the obstetrician by herself. Then Shaz started yelling at Bryce:

It's in the calendar! And we're driving across the Harbour Bridge...I am yelling so loud that I'm hoarse I'm like how hard is it to use a calendar?!? This is not gonna work! It's not gonna work! I almost divorced him cos he didn't put one thing in the calendar!

Intense. 👀