Julz Tocker admits his lettuce prank is inspired by Justin Bieber's burrito prank

Jono Ben & Sharyn 06/06/2019

Dom from the Breakfast show popped in the studio to talk about the photo that went viral of Dancing with the Stars judge, Julz Tocker, holding a whole lettuce and chomping on it like it's an apple.

Dom wanted Julz to come clean about the lettuce situation and asked him what the deal was and if that was really how he would normally eat a lettuce. Turns out, Julz wanted to copy Justin Bieber's burrito prank where he was eating a whole burrito sideways. Julz thought he could do something similar with a lettuce and let someone snap him eating it then post it on social to confuse people.

Here's what Shaz had to say about the lettuce prank:

It turns out Julz is a really good liar...