Jono writes Shaz and Ben a heartfelt letter

Jono Ben & Sharyn 13/06/2019

Jono started off Sharyn's letter with nice things about his friendship with her and how he feels really honoured to be working alongside her on the radio until he threw her under the bus with a punchline:

You have a wonderful fashion sense. I'm in envy of the clothes you wear. Especially the ones that you order online and have sent to work because you don't want Bryce to find out about how much you are really spending on your credit card.

Then he continued on and read his letter for Ben where he started off by saying how much he treasures their friendship. He eventually threw Ben under the bus too:

Even when we have our down days, I sit back and think...well at least I'm getting paid to hang out with him.

At least Jono wrote this letter straight from the heart, right? 😂