Jono tried to put his crotch on Ben's face in a plane once

Jono Ben & Sharyn 24/06/2019

Ben threw Jono under the bus today and told everyone how he was on a plane once with Shaz and Jono when this happened:

You won't believe what happened. I woke up and my 'friend's' crotch was in my face! He claims he was going to the bathroom and that was the only way to stumble across.

Shaz also threw Jono under the bus by saying that she actually knows this 'friend' of Ben and also knows that this 'friend' had quite a lot ot drink and was probably pissed during the flight.

Here's what Jono had to say after:

Excuse me! Excuse me for being aware that my friend was sleeping and not wanting to disturb him in his slumber.

Lamest excuse ever. 😂