Jono loses train of thought and goes off with pointless scarf story

Jono Ben & Sharyn 05/06/2019

One of Sharyn's questions today for the callers was: 'When did a scarf ruin your life?' But then Jono started going of with some comments about how he used to wear scarves before until he realised it ruined his 'cred'. 

And then he started telling Sharyn and Ben about his auntie and her scarves:

I did have an auntie who is now gone (RIP auntie)... Every family has a scarf auntie who makes goddamn scarves. Every Christmas I was gifted a scarf. I was like, I don't need this! And beach towels...scarves and beach towels. I have an abundance of both.

 Ben reckons that was some great insight into Jono's bleak life. Then Shaz said:

Yeah I was really hoping that his story was going somewhere...