Drunk Ben didn't make any sense during his cricket interview

Jono Ben & Sharyn 25/06/2019

JBS were talking about stupid things people do when they are drunk. Ben had a story to tell which involved a cricket game in Eden Park and a few (actually a lot) drinksies:

There was a cricket game in Eden Park. I went along after work. Had a couple of drinks. I was walking back to my seat at some stage, I saw someone that I knew from the Jono and Ben TV show and she was like 'Can you come over here and make a comment? We're doing this little doco thing.

They wanted Ben to say something about the Blackcaps. He was very drunk at this stage but still tried to finish the interview. What he didn't expect was a follow up question after his Blackcaps comment. 

They wanted to know what he reckons about Phil Goff's recent comments about the Waterfront Stadium...poor Ben tried to go beat around the bush with that one and because he was too drunk to answer the question, he eventually just said:

 Phil Goff, he is like the mayor of Auckland right?

Wow. He was wasted. 😂